This week on capital hill we have the battle of the budget. At the top of the debate is the defunding of obamacare. In early 2010 one of the worst bills in American history was signed into law. It took many bribes and some rule bending, but was finally passed and signed. With the opposition of obamacare continuing to grow years later, the fight continues. This week on capital hill and the debate on the senate floor may be the most important battle in defeating this horrible law. I am a 25 year old business owner, and in my life time, I have never seen a law opposed by so many Americans and being fought three years after it being signed into law. The future of our country depends on those of you who decide to stand up and make your voice heard.

I am writing you tonight asking for your help. I know you are all busy, God knows I am. I said above I am a business owner but I am also a single dad. I will find time to fight for freedom and constitutional principles, I am asking you to join me. Our founders went to war for being taxed on stamps and tea. I stand here today taxed on my income, anything I buy with that taxed income, taxed on any property or vehicles I own every year I own them. I am forced to pay into a retirement fund I want no part of. And now I am fighting for my freedom to chose my own health care coverage. Is this a free country? I think not, we fell far from the shining city on a hill years ago. What would our founders have done? I think we all know the answer to that question. Please speak out against obamacare and stand with those elected officials who are fighting on capital hill, they need us.  


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